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MFP Shop Opening Soon!

March 25, 2019 0

MFP Shop Opening Soon! The Music Familia team has been hard at work these past few months, we have been trying new things in all […]

The HU

The HU – Wolf Totem

March 22, 2019 0

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1 hour ago
MFP Presents AntmanVs The Weekly Episodic Podcast 4/25/2019 Ep. 330

Tonight on AntmanVs we break down a few songs off of Liquid6Teen's brand new album titled Hard Charger! You know how we love to give ya the best new music around first. Also I have two tickets to ... See more

The MFP Story: Music Familia Productions story started with a single man’s dream and a microphone. From there MFP grew from an idea into a movement if you wi...

2 days ago
MFP's Lunch Time Power Jam

MFP's Lunch Time Power Jam & Liquid6teen Album Release Party Liquid6Teen Album Preview

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3 days ago
How Pup Made The Year’s Poppiest, Darkest, And Overall Best Punk Album

hell yeah 🤘

The Canadian band balances mental breakdowns with massive hooks on the forthcoming ’Morbid Stuff.’

3 days ago

Liquid6Teen Package Reveal!

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3 days ago

What’s Up Music Familia! & Good Morning! First we want to thank you all for helping our page reach 10,000 shares already this month! Please keep telling everyone about us! Keep spreading the ... See more

4 days ago
For The Love Of Bass, Guitar and Music


Compressorhead - T.N.T. (AC/DC Cover) (live in Moscow, Russia)