Music Familia Productions Video Archive

Music Familia Productions Video Archive

Below are links to the Music Familia Productions Video Archive. Here you will find all the past Music Familia Productions podcast airings, as well all interviews conducted by the MFP team.


Antman Verses: Thursdays 8 pm – 10 pm

The Antman Verses podcast is brought to you by Music Familia Productions very own Anthony “Antman” Shafer. Through this podcast Antman brings his vision for the local scene to life. He meets with local & national music industry professionals in a relaxed environment and asks them the questions everyone wants to know!

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Sunday Meltdown

The Sunday Meltdown

Music Familia Productions presents the Sunday Meltdown podcast hosted by MFP’s very own Antman and Siobhan. They give you a reason to be socially involved on a Sunday! Discussing hot topics like current events, music, politics, sex and so much more! No music, just talk. MFP’s Sunday Meltdown is a whole new breed of talk radio.

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Music Familia Productions Interviews

Music Familia Productions

The staff at Music Familia Productions love what they do, but by far one of the best parts of the job is interviews. The MFP staff pride themselves on being fearless in asking questions to get the fans the answers to the questions they really want to know. From current and new music to personal life and beyond. Nothing is off limits in our interviews!

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